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Red Oaks, Craig Roberts
Credit: Courtesy Photo

It's been a while since there's been a kickass TV show about the '80s. This week, Amazon delivers one with Red Oaks. The comedy stars the adorable rising Brit boy Craig Roberts as David, an NYU student just trying to get by and lives with his parents. It's set in the summertime, and he's staying in his suburban New Jersey town to make some money so he can save up for a place in New York. To do so, he got a gig as a tennis pro at the local country club, Red Oaks, as well as a part-time side hustle of videographing bar mitzvahs and weddings with a very creepy mustached man named Barry (Josh Meyers).

We watched the first few episodes of the 10-episode series, and seriously fell for not just David, but also the hilarious group people who surround him. There's Wheeler (Oliver Cooper), his stoner BFF who works as a valet at the club, and his aerobics teacher girlfriend Karen (Gage Golightly), who wears leotards over tights as she jazzercises like Jane Fonda. Then, there's his tennis pro pal Nash (Ennis Esmer) as a social-climbing mentor, and Wall Street head honcho and president of the club Getty (Paul Reiser). The most interesting characters, however, are his parents, played by Richard Kind and Jennifer Grey, as well as his crush, Skye (Alexandra Socha), who looks and acts like a young brunette Molly Ringwald.

There's nothing to glean from this show like Amazon's other trailblazer, Transparent other than that it's pure fun and joy and a walk down Memory Lane every time you watch a new episode. With all 10 episodes ready for streaming on Amazon starting Friday, October 9, we say enjoy the one-way trip to Nostalgia Land. Because sometimes it's refreshing to sit back and just remember the good 'ol days.

Watch a trailer for the comedy below.