Purewow - June Netflix Orange is the New Black
Credit: Jill Greenberg/Netflix

The pro of binge-watching: powering through an entire TV season in a weekend. The con: having to wait a full year to see the next one. (Looking at you, Orange Is the New Black.) But rejoice! The ladies of Litchfield are back—along with some pretty stellar, award-winning flicks.

Orange Is the New Black (pictured above)

Will Piper and Alex get back together? Does Red make it out alive? What will Crazy Eyes pee on this time? Surely season three will be as epic as the last. (Available June 12)

Beyond the Lights

Introducing the seemingly cheesy (yet surprisingly awesome) love story you gotta see. The deal is this: A rising pop star falls for a cop who saves her life. Trials, tribulations and love-conquers-all battles ensue. (Available June 24)


This critically acclaimed (yet notably Oscar-snubbed) indie thriller stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a thief turned crime videographer. (Available June 10)

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