Gooper fatigue does not exist. 

By Isabel Jones
Updated Feb 27, 2019 @ 1:15 pm

If your mind has been playing an endless loop of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s Oscars duet (The eye contact! The longing! That piano bench!), we have a very important update for you: there’s a new, never-before heard/seen Gooper duet that’s about to haunt your Ally and Jackson-filled dreams.

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

According to Entertainment Weekly, Cooper and Gaga’s A Star Is Born is returning to theaters (for just one week!) with a new version of the film that includes 12 additional minutes of footage — AND. A. NEW. SONG.

Extended versions of soundtrack favorites “Black Eyes,” “Alibi,” and Ally’s parking lot version of “Shallow” will factor into the re-release, as will performances of Ally’s “Is That Alright?” and Jackson’s “Too Far Gone.” And then there’s “Clover.” What’s “Clover,” you ask? From the looks of it, it’s an intimate af duet (remind you of anything?) — watch the teaser below:

The Star Is Born re-release will expand to more than 1,150 screens this Friday.