New Girl Costume Designer: All the Details on CeCe's Wedding Dress

new girl wedding
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Congratulations, CeCe! Hannah Simone’s character got hitched on last night’s second season finale of New Girl, which meant costume designer Deb McGuire had to make the clothes look and feel authentic for a traditional Indian wedding. To do so, she purchased a lehenga, a traditional Indian wedding gown, in the Little India section of Los Angeles, Artesia, one of her go-to spots for two decades. “When I heard we were doing an Indian wedding for our final episode I planned a shopping day with my crew, including lunch at my favorite Indian vegetarian restaurant,” McGuire told us. “The red wedding sari that Cece wears was the first of four that we picked out. When she put it on, it took our breath away. We didn’t even attempt to consider the others!” The challenge was picking an equally beautiful sari for Jess (Zooey Deschanel) to make sure she stood out among the other guests clad in jewel-tone looks. “The blue trimmed in pink was perfection, especially because I could envision it looking smashing against the orange decor,” McGuire said. “The visual, indeed, made me gasp with delight. Color is powerful!” To learn more about Zooey Deschanel’s New Girl fashion, visit

Plus, see Zooey’s classic New Girl style.

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