By Isabel Jones
Jun 21, 2017 @ 6:00 pm

The latest wave of emojis is finally here, and we’re ready to spam our friends.

Of course, we’re also anticipating mom’s reaction:

We’re loving all 69 of the new additions, but a few really stood out:

Lady with Hijab

Finally, am I right?

Courtesy of Emojipedia

A Sweet Genie Couple

OK, I’ve yet to receive confirmation that these genies are actually dating, but how cute would it be if they were??

Courtesy of Emojipedia

Exploding Head

Honestly, what took them so long? How else is one supposed to communicate that their mind is blown?

Courtesy of Emojipedia

Adorable Hedgehog


Courtesy of Emojipedia

Woman Breastfeeding

Hell yeah, Emoji creators! It’s 2017, this is the feminist cartoon icon we deserve.

Courtesy of Emojipedia

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And guess what, guys, there's finally a bearded man emoji! At long last, Scott Disick has a proper form of emoji representation and we feel vindicated. 

Watch the video above to preview all 69 of the new emojis.