By Isabel Jones
Updated Jun 21, 2017 @ 6:00 pm
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The latest wave of emojis is finally here, and we’re ready to spam our friends.

Of course, we’re also anticipating mom’s reaction:

We’re loving all 69 of the new additions, but a few really stood out:

Lady with Hijab

Finally, am I right?

Credit: Courtesy of Emojipedia

A Sweet Genie Couple

OK, I’ve yet to receive confirmation that these genies are actually dating, but how cute would it be if they were??

Credit: Courtesy of Emojipedia

Exploding Head

Honestly, what took them so long? How else is one supposed to communicate that their mind is blown?

Credit: Courtesy of Emojipedia

Adorable Hedgehog


Credit: Courtesy of Emojipedia

Woman Breastfeeding

Hell yeah, Emoji creators! It’s 2017, this is the feminist cartoon icon we deserve.

Credit: Courtesy of Emojipedia

And guess what, guys, there's finally a bearded man emoji! At long last, Scott Disick has a proper form of emoji representation and we feel vindicated.

Watch the video above to preview all 69 of the new emojis.