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You'll never have a case of the Mondays again, thanks to a new collaboration between jewelry designer Alison Lou and sleepwear and designer Morgan Lane. The duo has teamed up for a just-launched limited-edition capsule collection of silk pajamas, underwear, and a must-have eye mask that will have you dreamland in no time. Available now at retailers including Fivestory and Shopbop, the emoticon-inspired pieces feature whimsical details from the sleep shirt's happy face buttons to the expressive Emojis plastered on the front of pairs of underwear for every day of the week.

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"Emojis are the new way of communicating in this technology age," Alison Lou designer Alison Chemla tells InStyle. "A small emoji can speak a million words—it’s all about how you incorporate the design to keep it classic." When creating the pieces in the collection, which start at $110, it was easy for Chemla and her longtime friend, Morgan Lane designer Morgan Curtis, to find the balance between classic and fun. "Alison and I had a secret crush on each other's brands, so the idea to collaborate was almost instant," says Curtis. "We both share a whimsical approach to fashion and love for refined luxury and detail."

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And they have a shared interest in designing pieces that serve as the "most desirable gifts," like lingerie and jewelry, says Chemla. "Having an elegant set of pajamas is timeless. It becomes a part of your 'love yourself' wardrobe, and it makes you feel good." But that's not all that a pair of glamorous yet fun-filled PJs has to offer. "You can enhance your lifestyle and amuse your loved one all at the same time," adds Chemla.

Curtis also believes that it's important to keep things light-hearted when it comes to your undergarments. "You know you are going to have a fun Friday when there’s a party hat emoji on your panty," she says. Or if you slip into a pair earlier in the week, they can be just the thing to cure—or prevent—the dreaded Monday morning wakeup. "These pieces give you the confidence, charm, and smile that you need to get through Monday," says Curtis. Plus, they'll remind you "not to take life and work too seriously."

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The pieces are certainly luxe thanks to their soft silk fabric—so much so that Curtis compares wearing them to "sleeping at the Plaza Hotel every night of the week." Even better? You'll wake up "feeling happy and adorable," she says. If that doesn't channel your innermost heart-eyes emoji, then we don't know what will.

Check out an exclusive video featuring the new collection below.