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That annual beach timeshare is relaxing and all. But what about swapping it for a once-in-a-lifetime jaunt to Taiwan, Istanbul, even Havana? It’s now easier than ever to get to far-flung destinations, thanks to new flight routes from major U.S. cities.

Have a look--because tanning on the Cuban shoreline doesn’t just happen every day.

Newark to Venice (pictured above)

Capitalizing on the world’s zeal for Italy in the summertime is United Airlines’ new service from New Jersey to Marco Polo (through September 23). No more stopping off at Heathrow, then Milan, then renting that car you have no freaking clue how to drive.

San Francisco to Istanbul

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Turkish Airlines has begun daily nonstop flights from its hub in Istanbul to SFO. The 13-hour flight is a far better alternative than multiple layovers for Europe-loving West Coasters.

Houston to Taipei

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The same applies for the Southerners looking to explore Asia. Taiwan-based EVA airlines just launched service from Texas to Taipei, where China’s tallest building stands beside Buddhist and Taoist temples. Traveling with little ones? Try for the Hello Kitty-branded jet, which has pillows, meals and other amenities emblazoned with the iconic character.