New Celebrity Bangs: Sophia Bush and Dianna Agron!

Dianna Agron - Sophia Bush - New Hair
Photo: Retna; WireImage

The latest celebrities to rock bangs? Dianna Agron and Sophia Bush! Beyoncé, Kate Middleton, and Lana Del Rey recently added fringe to their looks, and last week, Agron followed suit with her blunt, eyebrow-skimming bangs. The style makes her collarbone-length bob even more graphic, and is a dramatic change from the long blond strands she once wore on Glee. One Tree Hill alum Bush also chopped a rounded version into her chestnut layers, and while they aren't as short as Agron's, Bush's longer length makes room for versatility, allowing her to wear her bangs in the front or swept to the side. Tell us: do you like their new looks?

Click through our gallery to see more celebrity hair makeovers.

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