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Oils are saving our skin one drop at time. Coconut, avocado and rose hip oils have all had their time in the spotlight. But one that's flown under the radar for decades is carrot oil. In fact, you probably have on a skin-care product with carrot oil in it right now and you had no idea. So why is it worth using?

Carrot oil, like whole raw carrots, is loaded with beta-carotene and, therefore, vitamin A. Amandine Isnard, head of product development for cult skin-care brand Eve Lom, explains: “Beta-carotene converts to vitamin A when applied topically, as the necessary enzymes and conditions for this process are also present in the skin."

Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant that helps slow the signs of aging through cell regeneration, and helps protect your skin from environmental damage like UV rays and pollution. On top of that, it is a powerful moisturizer and has high levels of lycopene, which have been proven to help balance oily skin.

Isnard uses the most concentrated and pure form of carrot oil in many of the Eve Lom products, like their best selling Radiance Lift cream, as one of their (not-so) secret skin-care weapons, because vitamin A "stimulates general metabolism of cells and their mitosis, increases skin elasticity and softness…contributes to proper skin metabolism, improves scars and dryness, and it also notably diminishes the effects that age cause on skin."

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