This New App Will Do Wonders For Your Online Shopping Habits

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Sure, it's the wave of the future, but sometimes it can be overly time consuming and just plain annoying to shop online. Sometimes you know exactly what you're looking for, so you'll search "Nike Hi-top Wedges" on Google, which will bring up thousands of results. Sigh. Or, you need a black cocktail dress for a wedding—but we all know that search will lead to an infinite number of products, none of which you actually like.

Enter: TheFind. TheFind is the only search engine custom built for shopping. TheFind's Co-Founder and CEO, Siva Kumar explained to, "I used to observe my wife's unwieldy process of shopping online, which seemed like "pogo-sticking"—she'd have multiple browsers open, simultaneous searches, so I knew there had to be a better way to search and browse across multiple stores." With TheFind, simply type in whatever you're shopping for, then narrow down with your parameters (price, free shipping, etc.), and you'll receive only the most curated and up-to-date (that means no sold out pieces!) results. And now, with the launch of their iPad and iPhone app, you'll be able to have all of your favorite brands, see all of your online purchases, and receive push notifications when prices of favorite items drop—in one convenient, aesthetically sound place. Plus, you can carry it wherever you go!

Visit or download TheFind app on your iPad or iPhone.

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