By Brandi Fowler
Updated Dec 11, 2017 @ 4:45 pm

It’s not a huge surprise that when temps drop and cuffing season rolls in, that also marks the time for a surge in "Netflix and chill" moments.

Still, there was one day this year that more people than ever cozied up for some good old-fashioned Netflix binge-watching: New Year’s Day.

As people rang in the new year around the world (and possibly worked on their hangover cures) they were busy watching TV shows and movies, and made it the biggest streaming day of the year, according to Netflix’s year-in-review details, which the company released Monday.

As for what people were watching as the year rolled on? American Vandal was the top show that was “devoured” in 2017, the network reported, with people watching more than two hours per day of the satirical true crime mystery. Meanwhile, Netflix lovers “savored” The Crown, watching less than two hours of the show per day ... but finishing the series.

Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix

Stranger Things (of course) also topped the list of the most watched shows, with Netflix members ranking the sci-fi mystery the top show they watched together as a family. They also revealed that they watched Narcos and 13 Reasons Why ahead of their significant others.

Still, amongst all the data collected from 60,000 adult viewers in 32 countries for the report, there was one surprising piece of info that was tough to wrap our heads around. Someone actually binge-watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean every single day (not kidding).

Credit: Courtesy Netflix

Aside from that, there were more staggering facts: 140 million hours of Netflix were watched per day and 1 billion hours were watched per week. There was also a mega Shameless fan in Antarctica who binge-watched his or her way through the show.

Take a peek at the full graphic above for all of the details. Cheers to more Netflix watching in 2018!