By Jonathan Borge
Updated Nov 09, 2017 @ 12:15 pm
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Mariah Carey may continue to say all she wants for Christmas is “you,” but girl, let’s be real. Wouldn’t crystal-covered Calvin Klein heels and a Stella McCartney be better? We thought so.

That’s why your jaw is about to drop: Net-a-Porter is selling “fantasy gifts” and the super-super-super expensive packaged goodies are as absurdly chic as they are pricey.

The best one, which by the way is only available for purchase by three people, essentially gifts you an entire new wardrobe and it called "The It Girl Wardrobe."

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll get to meet the e-retailer’s Fashion Director Lisa Aiken and a Net-a-Porter stylist who will help you choose the clothing and accessories (only full-price items can be bought) that’ll make you look like a new person. You’ll have a one-night stay at a five-star hotel and fly business class to get to an agreed-upon local Net-a-Porter office.


Don’t worry, if you don’t spend the full $90,000 in one swing (you have a full year to do so) then you’ll receive a gift card with the remaining balance. Wild.

Don’t have $90,000? It’s all good. More affordable options are part of the “fantasy” package.

For a super cool $41,177, you can participate in a Shoe of the Week subscription, which offers exactly what it sounds like it does: a new shoe each week.


Next up? The Handbag of the Month subscription, which presents you with a sleek new piece to tote every week for only—wait for it—$54,256.

$54, 256

Guess it's time to save up.