Need Plans This Weekend? Our #BestofDigi Picks Can Help!

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It’s finally the weekend, and with the hullabaloo of Halloween behind you, you might be wondering, what do I do now? Might we suggest a nice dinner out with friends or your significant other, complete with some restaurant recommendations from celebrity chefs? If that sounds like the perfect weekend plan, then you’ll want to check out our #bestofdigi roundup for all of your going out needs. We’ve got apps that show you local restaurant recommendations from your favorite chefs (plus what they ordered) and websites that serve up the local eateries of where your fellow fashionistas like Hilary Rhoda and Diane von Furstenberg like to eat. Ready to download some help for your big night out? Check out our #bestofdigi picks now, and be sure to check out the rest of the feature for an amazing round up of the best fashion, shopping and beauty sites, plus exclusive discount codes to use when you buy! Be sure to share your scores with us on social media using #bestofdigi.

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