Need Help Prepping For Your First Baby? Get Advice From Cricket's Circle and Molly Sims

Cricket's Circle and Molly Sims
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Attention expectant moms: Molly Sims has some advice for you! The supermodel-turned-actress and mother to one-and-a-half-year-old son Brooks, has teamed up with the newly-launched baby website Cricket's Circle—which helps first-time moms sort through which baby products to buy—to offer up some of her very own motherly advice. “The more I learn about parenting, the more I think you need a village around you," Sims says on the site's blog. And that's where Cricket's Circle comes in! The online resource founded by Rachel Blumenthal recommends baby products that you really need (and those you don't) based off a personalization quiz and quite simply, what works thanks to the reviews of veteran moms including your friends and stars like Sims.

Sims will be among several featured moms—including jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher, Ivanka Trump, and more—who will share their tricks and insights on Cricket's Circle's blog, from finding a family-friendly restaurant to which mommy and me classes are their favorites. "When everyone seems to be talking about something, it’s usually for a good reason. Like, Bringing up Bebe – it’s worth it," Sim suggests. "Or the Macaroni & Cheese series, which I love." To find out more of Sims' advice or to get started on setting up your very first registry, visit

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