NCLA Treatment Line
Credit: Courtesy

For those about to rock a DIY mani, we salute you. When it comes to an at-home paint job, our focus is usually on nailing the proper paint strokes, but the routine is about to get a lot more luxurious thanks to NCLA's new treatments collection. The Beyoncé-approved nail brand's latest launch includes a full lineup of 8 products that allow you to take every step of the salon experience home, from pre-mani scrub to final top coat—though, you're on your own if floating flower petals in your soaking solution are a must.

The cuticle oil, base coat, and ridge filler prep your digits for the color, and each of the two top coats don't skimp on the shine or long-wearing capabilities. Once it's time to shift shades, the soy-based polish remover sheets whisk the lacquer away, and unlike traditional formulas, can help to strenghten your nails. Our favorite from the range? The seriously-addicting Protect Your Jewels hand creme. Priced at $32, it's a pretty penny for a hand creme, but factor in the just-opened coconut scent, nourishing ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, and genuine crushed sapphire powder, and we think it's worth every single one. Find the full lineup at starting next week, May 28, between $16 and $32.