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Dressing around a baby bump can be a challenge, but first-time mom Naya Rivera has certainly found her groove. Since announcing her pregnancy back in February, we’ve seen her wear an array of stylish looks both on and off the red carpet. Whether she’s at the airport or attending an event, Rivera has quickly become one of the most stylish moms-to-be in Hollywood.

With the actress now entering the final stages of her pregnancy, we picked her brain about her maternity style and mom-to-be must-haves. And bonus, she created an exclusive Pinterest board for us, so you can see exactly what’s inspiring her style now that she has a bun in the oven. Scroll down to see what she has to say, and be sure to check Rivera’s Maternity Style board on Pinterest by clicking the photo below.

Naya Rivera's Pinterest Board - Lead
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What's been your favorite part about dressing around your bump?
Showing it off! I have been loving being able to rock my baby bump with my outfit choices. It's the best accessory! I am going to feel so different without it afterwards.

Do you think your style has changed at all since becoming pregnant? Is there anything you won't wear now?
My style has changed since I became pregnant. For starters, I can't wear my beloved crop tops anymore. Bathing suit tops as shirts (à la my Kimmel appearance) no way! I think I've found a healthy balance between what I used to love wearing and what I can wear now.

From looking at the board, it looks like you favor clothes that are more formfitting. What about that appeals to you?
I do! That silhouette appeals to me for many reasons. Gone are the days of yesteryear where you had to cover up in a baggy [muumuu] during pregnancy. Being a young, hot mama means getting to wear form-fitting clothes that show that you still have a great figure with an added umph in the front! I found that wearing oversized clothes made me look and feel a lot heavier than I actually was. However, I will say that in my first trimester I was all about the baggy sweater. Until your bump pops it's kind of all bloat where your belly used to be and it's not really flattering. People might mistake your little bundle of joy for a little too much beer, so stick to loose clothing until you get the goods then show it off!

What are the things you can't live without now that you're an expectant mom?
I can't live without my arsenal of body products that help prevent everything from cellulite to stretch marks. My prenatal masseuse, chiropractor, and acupuncturist are a must especially when you travel as much as I do while pregnant. Also froyo, can't live without frozen yogurt now.

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