Nude Skincare - ProGenius Omega Treatment Milk
Credit: Courtesy

Between testing products for InStyle’s annual Best Beauty Buys and our regularly scheduled complexion-perfecting programming, we've tried out our fair share of skin care products with interesting scents, but never one that smelled like this. The new ProGenius Omega Treatment Milk by Nude Skincare ($78; promises to deliver major hydration, anti-aging benefits, and a zen-like calming effect on otherwise irritated skin with a potent blend of naturally-derived ingredients. Of course, the quick results of a radiant finish with reduced fine lines were surprising in themselves, but its scent was what astonished us the most. As we worked the lightweight formula onto our skin, we couldn't help but wonder: Did someone unwrap a pack of Bubble Yum?

Bubblegum is typically flavored and scented with a mix of sugar, orange oil, vanilla, wintergreen oil, and amyl acetate (a chemical that produces a banana-like taste). The ingredients behind the scent of Nude's ProGenius Treatment Milk could be the fruity mix of pomegranate, acai berry, sea buckthorn oils, spun with UV-filtering helper isoamyl laurate, and when smelled, the compound mimics the fragrance of banana.

Fortunately---or maybe unfortunately if you're into candy-scented products---the eau d'Bubblicious aroma fades within seconds so it won't clash with anything you layer on top, and the benefits it provides to your skin are guaranteed to last longer than the flavor in a piece of Bazooka.