Curly Haired Dolls
Credit: malavilledolls/Instagram

At last... we've found a toy company that celebrates natural beauties. The brand is Malaville Toys and it was established by model Mala Bryan.

Barbie recently created a doll in the likeness of Ava Duvernay and Zendaya Coleman (and both were wearing their gorgeous dreads), but this line precisely celebrates diversity with the most amazing range of skin tones that we've seen thus far. From dolls with warm caramel hues to those with a deep onyx glow, there's a shade that represents every brown-skinned girl.

What makes the toys even more exciting is that each one features natural hair textures. The curly-haired figurines aren't just rocking kinky curls; the founder also chose fine textured curls to add to the mix. The Malaville Toys are definitely breaking barriers as they represent the numerous little girls who will finally get to play with a doll that she can truly relate to. Scroll down to see more of the dolls that are celebrating beauty in diversity.