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Celebrities Rose Wine
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There is perhaps no beverage more fun-loving than rosé, or as termed by Babe Rosé founder and social media star Josh Ostrovsky (aka The Fat Jewish), “the unpretentious slutty cousin of wine.”

Not only is it the most Insta-worthy of the wine family—that rosy hue is like crack to the social media savvy—but it pairs perfectly with your favorite season: summer. That’s not to say you can’t drink rosé year-round (believe me, I do), but that every sip lends an air of pre-beach day excitement.

In honor of our favorite quasi-holiday, National Rosé Day, we spoke to some experts, desperate to answer the question on every wino’s mind: what makes the perfect rosé? Scroll down below for some guidance from the pros.

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Who: Social media star Josh Ostrovsky (aka The Fat Jewish)

DailyMail.com NYC Boat Party Hosted By Swish Beverages For White Girl Rose
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Claim to Rosé Fame: He and White Girl Problems founders Tanner and David Oliver Cohen collaborated on White Girl Rosé and its sparkling successor Babe Rosé. (You can learn more about rosé in their documentary The American Meme, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival this past April).

His rosé pairing pro-tips:

What’s the perfect rosé to drink when your parents are visiting?

Obviously I'm biased because I invented it, but you're going to need BABE Rosé. It comes in cans, and three of the cans is the same amount of hooch as a bottle of wine ... but they don't know that. So basically you can drink the whole bottle without being judged. Also, you're gonna need to be drinking at literally all times, because well, your Mom is amazing but also completely unbearable. The cans provide portability, so you can drink in the shower if you need a little alone time.

What’s the perfect rosé to pair with your Netflix binge?

Depends who you're binging with. If you don't know the person well and are trying to have sex with them, impress them with a bottle of Domaines Ott Rosé that was wayyyy overpriced. BUT, if you're binging with someone you're in a long-term relationship with who you love/kind of hate, I'd say BABE Rosé with Bubbles. There's nothing like cracking open an ice cold can of wine, curling up under a blanket together, and watching a 7-part documentary about the most violent serial killers in American history while kind of also being on your phones the whole time looking at Instagram.

What’s the perfect boozy brunch rosé?

I know this is gonna blow your brain into a million tiny pieces, but BABE Rosé with bubbles. If you're gonna do a drunk brunch right, don't have some pretentious wine that a French man in a turtleneck with tiny glasses and a mediocre attitude would drink. You should be shot-gunning rosé, making sure you're as hammered as possible so that you booty call someone at 2pm and are asleep by 9.

What’s the perfect rosé to impress people with your rosé-picking skills?

The one Angelina and Brad made. Miraval! The stuff is gorgeous. Who got the rosé in the divorce though??

Who: Singer Jon Bon Jovi and his 23-year-old son Jesse Bongiovi.

Hampton Water Embed
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Their Claim to Rosé Fame: Jon, Jesse, and French winemaker Gérard Bertrand launched Hampton Water rosé this past February. “Working with one of our kids has been one of the biggest thrills of my life,” Jon told InStyle about the collaboration.

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Jesse’s rosé pairing pro-tips:

What’s the perfect rosé to drink when your parents are visiting?

Something refreshing, light, and not too sweet. You’re trying to show your parents what a sophisticated palate you’ve acquired. Also, chances are your parents are huge Bon Jovi fans. So do them a favor and stock your fridge with Hampton Water.

What’s the perfect rosé to pair with your Netflix binge?
This could be a good opportunity for a sweeter rosé–if you’re watching Netflix at night after dinner and your sweet tooth’s kicking in–have a glass of rosé as dessert.

What’s the perfect boozy brunch rosé?
Definitely something light and refreshing. Especially if you plan to continue boozing all afternoon you want something you can drink all day. Enter: Hampton Water. If it’s a festive or celebratory brunch—you could pop some sparkling rosé.

What’s the perfect rosé to impress people with your rosé-picking skills?
Again, I’d have to say something light, refreshing and not too sweet. If you’re really trying to impress people pick up a bottle of Hampton Water and tell them you’re serving one of the top 5 roses in the world that also scored a 90-point rating on wine spectator. Then of course pour them a glass and let the wine speak for itself.

With additional reporting by Marina Budarina-Sánchez

Who: actress and entrepreneur Drew Barrymore

Her claim to Rosé Fame: Drew’s Barrymore Wines collaborated with Carmel Road to create three different wines, one of which is the aesthetically pleasing and surely delicious Rosé of Pinot Noir. Don’t take our word for it, though—take Drew’s: “My Barrymore by Carmel Road Rosé of Pinot Noir is a delicate wine with floral and light citrus aromas,” she tells InStyle. “Delicate red fruit flavors with hints of stone fruit and blood orange intertwine with bright, mouthwatering acidity, leading to a crisp and vibrant finish. It's irresistibly refreshing.”

Who: Winc Co-Founder and Chief Wine Officer Brian Smith

His Claim to Rosé Fame: As the co-founder of our go-to wine subscription service, Winc, Smith is in part responsible for introducing us to the company’s uber-popular (and delicious) signature rosé: Summer Water.

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His rosé pairing pro-tips:

What’s the perfect rosé to drink when your parents are visiting?

From the Tank Rosé, France 3L, pound for pound and dollar for dollar it's tough to beat this box wine. Hide it in the fridge and tell your parents you're serving them the finest rosé from Southern France. They’ll never know it came out of a cardboard box.

What’s the perfect rosé to pair with your Netflix binge?

2017 Ruza Rosé 187ml cans—these single serve cans of spritzy rosé are the Gatorade of wine. Keep your glass fresh and your electrolytes up for the whole season of your favorite show.

What’s the perfect boozy brunch rosé?

2017 Summer Water Societé screen-printed magnums. Big, beautiful and sharable, these large format bottles set a fashionable tone for mid-day boozy elegance.

What’s the perfect rosé to impress people with your rosé-picking skills?

2017 Stift Gottweig Messwein Pinot Noir Austria. Could be a little hard to find and one doesn't usually think of Austria and Pinot Noir when thinking of rosé, but this is one of the most pleasurable and downright delicious rosés I've ever had.

Who: Model and actress Camilla Belle.

Camilla Belle Embed
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Claim to Rosé Fame:
Camilla stars in Doña Paula’s "A Matter of Altitude" campaign.

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Her rosé pairing pro-tips:

What’s the perfect rosé to pair with your Netflix binge?
Definitely a sparkling rosé. Something bright and crisp that I can pair with delicious snacks. My queue is never-ending with films, documentaries and series, but I am currently on a mission to complete Peaky Blinders!

What’s the perfect boozy brunch rosé?
A good rosé cocktail is the perfect choice for a brunch outdoors on a patio or rooftop. At the launch event for Doña Paula’s new campaign, I tried a Rosé Caipirinha cocktail which was super light, refreshing, and a different take on a drink my family enjoys making. I'm going to try and recreate it now!

What’s the perfect rosé to impress people with your rosé-picking skills?
Doña Paula’s Rosé of Malbec is definitely a crowd pleaser! While working on their most recent campaign, I learned that Argentina’s harvest takes place in February and March. This means that we get to enjoy 2018 rosé in the summer of the year it was harvested, which is different to the 2017 vintages we normally see.