The Notebook - National Kissing Day
Credit: New Line/Courtesy of The Everett Collection

Pucker up! It’s National Kissing Day and, really, what’s better than a holiday devoted to smooching? To celebrate, we’ve rounded up 12 GIFs of some of the best kisses in movie history. From gentle pecks to full blown make outs, these sultry and sweet moments will forever serve as lip-locking inspo. Keep scrolling for a walk down swoon-worthy smooch lane.

The Notebook

Every kiss in this movie deserves a spot on best kisses list, but nothing beats a desperate rain make out.

Romeo + Juliet

Few things inspire the fire of jealousy in us like a young Leo in love ... with not us.

Never Been Kissed

When your teacher finds out you’re actually an undercover reporter and not a student, and you finally get that kiss ... everyone had a weird first kiss story, right?

Breakfast at Tiffany's

We’re not saying this kiss is the reason Breakfast at Tiffany’s won two Academy Awards, but we’re not counting that possibility out either.

10 Things I Hate About You

This kiss's perfection brought to you by that flawless Heath Ledger smile.


We can't necessarily advocate for smooching strangers dangling from buildings, but he is a superhero after all.

A Walk to Remember

A sweet moment in an otherwise heartwrenching movie.


We will “never let go” of what can only be considered one of the most classic kisses in movie history.

Love and Other Drugs

There were some steamy moments between these two, but sometimes a sweet peck takes the cake.

Valentine's Day

Of all the couples featured in Valentine's Day, our favorite by far was the Taylors: Swift and Lautner.

(500) Days of Summer

Sure, there are a few more romantic backdrops than an office copy room, but when the moment is right, the moment is right.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Perhaps the hottest make out to ever happen to the tune of elevator music.