By Jennifer Davis
Aug 30, 2017 @ 9:00 pm

/*-->*/Natalie Portman has spent a lot of time in the makeup chair—she's been acting professionally since 1996, after all. But even though she "could have written five books" in the time that she's spent getting her makeup done, her beauty philosophy has remained very low key.

In a recent interview with The Cut, Portman credits her mom for teaching her to focus more on inner beauty than outer. "I was lucky enough to have my mom never really talk to me about external beauty in any way," Portman said. "She was always focused on being a good person and kindness. It was really how you behaved and feel about yourself and not to try to look a certain way for other people." 

This attitude has translated in how she takes care of her skin to this day. Since becoming a vegan six years ago, the 36-year-old actress credits this lifestyle change as the reason that she's been breakout-free. "I’m vegan and I found my skin is much, much better than when I was a vegetarian. I cut out dairy and eggs, and I never had a breakout after," she revealed. "That was definitely a discovery. It’s personal; everyone has different sensitivity. I also did it when I was 30, so it might have been an age thing." 

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However, it's not just her diet that keeps her skin looking flawless. "I wash my face with the Joelle Ciocco face wash ($98; and toner ($48; I’ll use a little bit of Bioderma makeup remover. Then I moisturize with Pai, and I use their eye cream ($54;

Guess we know what we'll be stocking our medicine cabinets from now on.