Natalie Portman giving a speech to the 2015 Harvard graduates
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Natalie Portman returned to her alma mater Harvard University this week to deliver the commencement speech to the class of 2015, where she spoke of her time spent at the university as well as her advice to the new grads.

The Academy Award winner, who graduated from Harvard in 2003, got real with the young grads: "When I came in [to Harvard] as a freshman in 1999, I felt like there had been some mistake, that I wasn't smart enough to be in this company. When I got to Harvard just after the release of Star Wars: Episode 1, I feared people would assume I had gotten in just for being famous, and not worthy of the intellectual rigor here," she said. "There were several occasions I started crying in meetings with professors, overwhelmed with what I was supposed to pull off when I could barely get out of bed in the morning."

She also talked about dealing with her first real heartbreak and other common college woes, saying that they eventually helped the psychology major realize she still loved her acting career. Portman went on to encourage the graduating class to take risks, just like she did with her directorial debut of A Tale of Love and Darkness, which just premiered at Cannes. "Make use of the fact that you don't doubt yourself too much right now because, as we get older, we get more realistic," she said. "Accept your lack of knowledge and use it as your asset."

Portman is just the latest in a long list of celebrities on the graduation speech circuit right now, including Matthew McConaughey, Maya Rudolph, Denzel Washington and Robert DeNiro. Watch her full commencement speech below.VIDEO: