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Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

The day that many Marvel Comics fans have been waiting for is finally here. Issue No. 8 of the Thor comic series went on sale today and fans will be happy to learn that the new "shero" has finally been revealed.

Last October the series introduced a new, female Asgardian god of thunder—without exposing her identity. In the newly released issue, readers will learn that astrophysicist Dr. Jane Foster is the one who has been swinging the mythical hammer. Foster has had a presence in the comics as Thor's love interest since the '70s. In the Thor films, Natalie Portman has portrayed the character.

Jason Aaron, the writer of the series, told The New York Times, "Most of the new readers seem to be women and young girls, which is great." With this new direction and big development in the comics, we hope to one day see Portman wearing the mighty winged helmet on the big screen.