When it comes to Hunger Games fashion, we’ve come to expect some pretty bold looks, and the latest installment certainly doesn’t disappoint.

While much of Mockingjay – Part 1 is spent underground in the depths of District 13, thanks to some Capitol transplants the over-the-top aesthetic makes it way into the rebel forces. Case in point: Natalie Dormer’s character, Cressida, a filmmaker who's tasked with directing the Mockingjay propaganda films that will be broadcast throughout the districts.

In contrast to many of the starkly dressed citizens of District 13, her shaved head and intricate tattoo certainly stands out. “I think that the tattoo that [author] Suzanne Collins came up with is a nice nod to [Cressida's] aesthetic past,” says Dormer, who spoke about her character during a press conference in New York City. “She’s come from the Capitol to join the freedom fighters and bring the districts together to fight Snow, so I think it was an aesthetic comment on the psychology behind her.”

Die-hard fans may notice that they decided to only partially shave her head instead of making her completely bald, a change that came as a relief for Dormer. "Thankfully I didn't have to shave my whole head," says Dormer. "[director] Frances Lawrence is amazing for that!"

See Dormer in action as Cressida when The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 opens in theaters November 21.