From cramps to mood swings, most of us have experienced some unfortunate form of PMS. So why, in 2017, is it still so taboo to talk about it?

That’s a question that Natalia Vodianova is setting out to answer. In partnership with Flo, a leading women’s health platform and app, the supermodel is debuting a new weekly video series, “Let’s Talk About It. Period.” that features candid Q&A’s with tastemakers like Emily Ratajkowski, Soo Joo Park, and InStyle Editor-In-Chief Laura Brown about that oh-so-special time of the month.

By bringing humor to the conversation, Vodianova aims to free the dialogue that surrounds female wellness and sexuality, while also inspiring women to take control of their health. "I hope that very soon we will have different attitudes towards this [topic],” said Vodianova, of the project that is also supported by the UNFPA. “[If we can all] laugh about the fact that you stained your white perfect pants, that’s when something will click in everyone else's minds. And they’ll say it’s normal.”

The first video, which launches today on the Flo platform, features a frank sit-down with Vodianova and Victoria’s Secret Angel Alexina Graham, where they discuss topics like powering through painful cramps on set and the stigma that still surrounds menstruation. “I think it’s ridiculous how people don’t talk about it,” said Graham. “It’s still such a taboo thing, but it happens to every woman. People do get uncomfortable a lot—like too much information—but I talk about it all the time. I think it’s important."

Graham also points out that being on your period isn’t always so bad. When Vodianova asked her to name three reasons why she loves her monthly flow, she was quick to respond. “[It means] I’m not pregnant, I get bigger boobs, and I feel healthy, like it’s cleaning out my body,” she said. “Also, I can binge on chocolate!”

Watch a sneak peak of Vodianova’s interview with Graham above. And to see the full video, go to to download the Flo app.