Connie Britton - Nashville - American Horror Story - Friday Night Lights
Credit: Courtesy Photo (3)

Not only do Connie Britton’s roles on American Horror Story, Nashville, and Friday Night Lights showcase her dynamic range on-screen—they also show how she can work three very different wardrobes. So, which style did she like best? “I love the style of all my characters in different ways,” the actress told yesterday in New York, when she took a break handing out care packages to Hurricane Sandy victims with Curel and Direct Relief International. Here’s why:

  • Friday Night Lights (right): “Tami Taylor had a perfect blowout and was definitely doing her shopping in Dylan, Texas,” said Britton.
  • American Horror Story (left): “I loved the style of my character on American Horror Story. I loved the Helmut Lang dresses. The clothes were loose, but still sophisticated and modern."
  • Nashville (center): As the glamorous country singer Rayna James on Nashville, she has no shortage of sparkly ensembles. “Some of the most fun I have on Nashville is during my wardrobe fittings," she said, adding that Dolce & Gabbana and Oscar de la Renta dresses she's worn are among her favorites. "You also wouldn't believe the snake patterns and glitter you can get on a pair of J Brand jeans these days!" Judging from the show-stopping outfits we've already seen, we believe it!

Catch Britton on Nashville on ABC tomorrow night at 10 PM EST. Plus, try on Connie’s covetable hair on yourself in our Hollywood Makeover Tool.