Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere
Credit: Retna Ltd.

Nashville's Hayden Panettiere gets to spend a lot of time looking at her co-star Connie Britton's glorious head of strawberry curls—but that doesn't mean she's any less obsessed with it than the rest of us. "Her hair is unreal and real, it's a thing," the actress said at a Nashville panel during PaleyFest in Los Angeles. "There's a picture of her in the makeup trailer with her son, Eyob, over her shoulders. And Eyob's so beautiful, but I almost didn't notice him because of her hair! So, yeah, it's a thing." And you can see how you'd look blessed with Connie's lustrous mane, too. Simply upload your picture into our Hollywood Makeover Tool and ta-da—you'll have Connie's enviable tresses without ever stepping into a salon. Then tune into Nashville Wednesdays on ABC to see Britton's Rayna James 'do in action (and swoon).

— Nicola Jones