Here's How to Eat Your Way Through Nashville

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When it comes to our summer travels, we often pick our destinations based on food. After all, what's not to love about experiencing the freshest pasta of your life on the Amalfi Coast or eating a to-die for ceviche in Mancora, Peru. All of which is why Nashville has caught our eye. Along with its music heritage, it's also home to some killer eats. Nashville natives Max and Benjamin Goldberg, owners of Strategic Hospitality — the team behind hotspots The Catbird Seat, Pinewood Social, The Patterson House, Paradise Park, and the soon-to-open Le Sel—takes us on on a food-lover's tour of Music City, with stops at some of the most famous (and infamous) dining establishments in the city.

Benjamin & Max Goldberg

Arnold’s Meat and Three
MG: “The best restaurant in the country. Lots of signature dishes representing Nashville, but the bread pudding is out-of-this-world great!”
BG: “Personally, I love this place because the food is really great in a truly unique environment. It is cafeteria-style, so grab your tray, pick out your items, and choose a table—you never know you will be eating next to. Most of the chefs in Nashville love the place, along with a lot of politicians and business people. The people-watching is pretty awesome.”

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City House
MG: “Three words: Belly Ham Pizza. They also have a great bar for a classic cocktail. Great selection of spirits, beer, and wine.”

Rolf & Daughters
BG: “While it is not a cocktail bar, it is an amazing restaurant with a phenomenal cocktail menu. It's great to have a few drinks and a couple of snacks at the bar.”

Fifty-First Kitchen
BG “Fifty-First Kitchen is in a transitional neighborhood. They kept the essence of the original home and then created this little intimate dining space and I love how cozy it feels. The menu offers plates that are meant to be shared, and the whole fish and ricotta gnocchi are amazing."

MG: “I've always loved going to brunch there. I think what they do is really great. Usually what happens is, they seat Benjamin or myself by the table next to the window, just because we order so much that there's extra space to put the food, which is kind of embarrassing.”

BG: “We live very close so I find myself eating here at least a couple times a month. Not only is the food great, the staff is amazing and makes you feel like you are just coming to their house. It is a really great experience.”

The Beacon Light
BG: “It is about an hour outside of Nashville and it a very special place for my family. The fried chicken, biscuits, and preserves are some of the best I have ever had.”

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