NASA Moon Twitter Account Throws Some Shade at the Sun During Eclipse

The sky wasn't the only place where the sun got blocked today. During the solar eclipse, NASA's Moon and Sun Twitter accounts got in on the hype by playfully interacting with each other on social media while the phenomenon was happening, and the results are pretty hilarious.

George Frey/Getty

The accounts began the day pretty in a pretty standard fashion, starting the hype with Tweets to make sure that people were going to watch, but as soon as the moon began to eclipse the sun, things took a funnier turn. "HA HA HA I’ve blocked the Sun! Make way for the Moon. #SolarEclipse2017," NASA Moon Tweeted as it covered the sun at 2:25 ET along with a screen shot that showed not only did it block the sun in the sky, but on Twitter too.

Don't worry though, it was all in good fun. After the sun moved out from behind the moon, NASA Moon unblocked NASA Sun on Twitter. "Let the Sun shine ☀ @NASASun, I unblocked you in the sky and on Twitter :) #SolarEclipse2017," the account Tweeted.

Nothing like a good old fashioned nerdy Twitter exchange to make a fun day like the solar eclipse even better, right?

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