Siesta & Co
Credit: siestago/Facebook

This just in: bragging about how sleep deprived you are is no longer cool. The latest lifestyle trend is all about catching those Zs, and doing so in an adorable (and Instagram-friendly) way.

Lazy girls, meet the Nap Bar.

Madrid is the latest cosmopolitan center to introduce the wellness phenomenon with Siesta & Go, a locale offering 19 different beds in both shared and solo rooms for the on-the-go napper.

For about $15, you can occupy a room of your own for an hour, to work, sleep, read, or chill in as you please. In addition to the private space, Siesta & Go also offers coffee, reading materials, slippers, and (single-use!) sleep shirts.

I know what you’re thinking: why wouldn’t I just go home and nap there? Well, the nap bar is the luxury answer—it’s cheaper than booking yourself a hotel room, but still carries that exciting air of travel, even if it’s just around the block from your apartment.

Nap your heart out, ladies!