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The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a staple of N.Y.C. in December, and now that it's standing tall and proud in Rockefeller Plaza, it's a clear sign that the holiday season is here.

But just how much work goes into getting the tree Christmas-ready?

It turns out, a lot. The gigantic Swarovski star at the top of the tree, for instance, has 25,000 individual crystals that were placed into it, and last month, it was pulled to the top of the tree with a little help from James Bond actress Naomie Harris.

InStyle caught up with Harris at the star rising ceremony at Rockefeller Center, and before seeing the star raise to the top of the tree, she was already feeling the holiday spirit.

"I had never seen [the star] before because I'm from London, so this is my first time, so I'm like, 'This is so exciting, oh my gosh.' It's also because I'm really excited about the Christmas season. It's totally my season," she said.

Naomi Harris
Credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images

"I'm all about family, I'm all about food, and I'm all about giving presents. Its such a nice time, and I think the important thing to remember as well is others less fortunate. Take time to give to those less fortunate than us, and I think that's what Christmas is about and the festive season generally, it's about remembering our family and others less fortunate. And the star looks amazing. It's like 25,000 crystals, it's very special."

Harris revealed that in order to get the beautiful star into tip top holiday shape, it took 15 people and 300 pounds worth of crystals to make the magic happen.

In addition to being gorgeous, one of the things Harris admired the most about the star was how ethically conscious Swarovski was when deciding how to construct it in the first place.

"They thought, 'Let's not create a star that uses so much electricity, let's make it full of LED lights so it actually only uses 720 watts', which is really nothing," she said. "It's really cool."

We can't argue with her there. Check out a video of the star raising above, and feel the holiday spirit in full force.