By Jenny Berg
Updated Jul 25, 2017 @ 9:30 pm

Naomi Watts is the master of the sweet birthday message. (She's also a pretty deft actress, but that's beside the point here, people.) After toasting buddy Nicole Kidman with a heartfelt b-day note back in June, Naomi whipped out the balloon emojis for another round of social-media love today.

On Tuesday, the Gypsy actress took to Instagram to wish her son, Alexander "Sasha" Pete, a happy tenth birthday.

The mom of two chose a gorgeous picture to celebrate her mini me. In the snap, Sasha stands atop twisted tree branches, with African grasses stretching out behind him. "Here he is in Africa, living his dream," Watts wrote to caption the picture. "His love and understanding of nature is everything." What admirable qualities!

Sasha's famous pops, Liev Schreiber, also fosters his kids' love of nature. Earlier this week, the actor took both his boys to the San Diego Zoo while mom was nearby doing Comic-Con duty. (Sasha has a little brother named Samuel Kai.)

Honestly, we're a little jealous that they all got to hang out with a cheetah named Taraji. But, this birthday boy certainly deserves it.

We hope the whole clan is having fun celebrating tonight, and we wish Sasha many encounters with friendly animals in the year ahead!