Nancy Pelosi Is Twitter's New Style Icon Thanks to These Sunglasses

What do you get when you take two Democrats, two Republicans and add a room full of press? A spectacle of epic proportions.

On Tuesday afternoon, President Trump invited Democratic senators Nancy Pelosi (the current House Minority Leader) and Chuck Schumer to the Oval Office in the White House to discuss funding for his border wall — which is currently a point of contention between the parties which could result in a government shut down (or a partial one) if the two opposing sides don't draw a conclusion by next week.

Though Trump, Pelosi and Schumer have met previously to discuss hot button issues like the Dreamers, this time, the entire thing was on camera, making for what the New York Times dubbed "The Chuck and Nancy and Donald Show."

But it wasn't just the stunt that got Twitter riled up. Upon leaving the meeting Pelosi buttoned her rust-colored coat all the way up to her chin, smoothed her bob (either that or she has the best hair spray around), and threw on some shades. The whole thing looked like this:

And everyone was reminded of this iconic CSI: Miami moment (if we're taking the metaphoric route, we guess the car is the White House?):

Or maybe it was more Peggy Olson saying sayonara to her office's boy's club in Mad Men?

After the meeting (read: publicity stunt) concluded, it didn't take long for Twitter to latch onto the exit scene and do what Twitter does best: Meme-ify.

And they were obsessed with her fashion, too.

Inside the Oval Office itself, Pelosi was without a doubt the most poised presence of the four. Seated in a Christmas green sheath dress and nude tights which she paired with matching suede stilettos, Pelosi had the posture that would certainly make Queen Elizabeth proud — the only thing missing being the "Duchess slant."

Schumer, the Democratic foil to her not-one-hair-out-of-place grace, looked a bit like Scrooge in a gray suit and orange tie as he tucked his chin self-consciously toward his chest. With clasped hands he hugged his folded knees toward his chest, as if he were trying to curl himself into a ball armadillo-style and vanish from the very awkward task of debating the president in front of the press.

Trump, in true Trumpian fashion, was perched toward the edge of his seat in his typical manspreading pose. He wore a symbolic indigo tie — perhaps his publicist's best attempt at making him look like he was truly attempting a bipartisan meeting or red and blue (why call the press into the room, after all). And of course, the silent Pence was there too, though — like Trump's tie — he appeared to be mainly for show.

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