Nancy Kerrigan Wants Olivia Munn to Play Her in a Biopic

Olivia Munn brought the laughs while hosting Thursday night’s Critics’ Choice Awards, and one skit in particular had the audience in stitches. The actress did a parody of I, Tonya—for which Margot Robbie won the Critics’ Choice Award for best actress—by telling the story from Nancy Kerrigan’s point of view.

The spoof, hilariously titled “I, Nancy,” would be Kerrigan’s own biopic. “She was a world-class figure skater who nearly had her leg broken by goons, yet went on to win a silver medal at the Winter Olympics,” a voiceover states.

“Only to find out 20 years and a big Hollywood film later, this story was a little, uh … different than she remembered it.”

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images; Steve Granitz/WireImage

Underneath the parody title is one heck of a tagline: “What the $@#!”

Kerrigan must have enjoyed the spoof, because she took to Twitter during the show to write, “Loved @oliviamunn. She can play me anytime.” Munn understandably freaked out at the thought.

While Kerrigan wasn’t too busy to watch the Critics’ Choice Awards, she told the Boston Globe that she hasn’t gotten around to seeing I, Tonya. “I haven’t watched anything,” she said. “I’ve been busy. I was at the national [figure skating] championships this week so I didn’t watch the Golden Globes. I haven’t seen the movie. I’m just busy living my life.”

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