By Andrea Cheng
Updated Dec 10, 2014 @ 9:02 am
Splash News, Raymond Hall/GC Images

Each winter, year after year, it always seems as though stars have some sort of a superhero immunity to the cold. We could be in the dead of winter battling sub-zero temps, and they would be on the red carpet in all their sleeveless (and sometimes tights-less) glory.

In reality, the cost to pull that off requires a team of help, like assistants to carry troublesome coats and chauffeured rides to minimize time spent outdoors. News flash: Stars are just like us, and yes, they do feel the wrath of winter when they're not in their pro chill-proof dimension.

All of this is to say that even celebrities are subject to stockings, aka one of the most utterly pedestrian things to exist in cold-weather fashion. Even though tights are a headache (InStyle editors will be the first to condone tightslessness for as long as possible), they're unavoidable. They're a seasonal nuisance, but unavoidable.

On that note, we rounded up style inspo from celebrities, both on and off the red carpet, who have actually made tights something to be desired versus something needed out of mere necessity. Emma Roberts gave her LBD a playful spin with heart-sprinkled hose while Taylor Swift used a maroon-hued pair to help color-block her autumnal ensemble. Click ahead to see all the stylish looks that have us saying yes to tights.