Your New Favorite Lipstick Came from the Most Unexpected Brand

Photo: nailsinc/instagram

In more surprising beauty news, Nails Inc.’s newest launch has nothing to do with your manicure. Well, unless you want your lip color to match your nail polish. The company that brought you caffeine-infused lacquer is expanding into cosmetics with a new brand housed under its umbrella, and it goes by the catchy name of INC.redible.

The sub-line’s first product genre is lipstick, and they came in with a bang. Not with one single lipstick, but a series of different formulas and finishes. Now live on, you can see INC.redible includes buys like matte liquid lipstick, metallic and holographic liquid lipstick, semi-matte click-up lip pens, lip gloss, and traditional lipstick in a strobe finish. Perhaps the most Insta-friendly product is the brand’s clear jelly lipstick called “lip quenchers” made with flowers in the center of them.

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While we’re psyched for the extensive lineup and the color offerings, the price-tag on each formula is a huge draw. The click pens retail for $15, while every other product in the INC.redible line is $13.

This isn’t the first time that Nails Inc. has branched off, though. The company’s sub-line Face Inc. was responsible for giving you those Snapchat filter-inspired sheet masks you reached for to calm your Sunday Scaries, and then inevitably took selfies in. How’s that for meta?

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