My Style Essentials: The 5 Things I Need to Get Through the Summer

Kate Hudson
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When it comes to fashion, I can be a bit all over the place. That's because I simply like what I like—I don’t have anything specific that hits me. It really comes down to what I'm feeling that day and what kind of mood I'm in. But the common thread always, no matter what my mood, is that I can only wear something if I feel comfortable in it!

When you put something on, and you feel good in it, that’s probably what you should be wearing because it’s going to exude confidence to those around you. I think any girl knows that. My motto is, if it makes you feel more confident, wear it because then it won’t feel like the clothes are wearing you. It’s going to enhance who you really are and be something that you feel comfortable in. But at the same time, it also changes day to day! One day, I could love my outfit and the next day, it might not work because I'm in a different mood. It's all about choosing outfits based on how you feel that morning. I put a lot of thought into my clothes though, because I do really love them! It's a thoughtful process.

Although I try to mix it up, my everyday summer style usually consists of the following pieces:

1. A bikini

I do love a good bikini, and I think it's because I just love the sun so much. I love summer, it's my favorite season. I love being by the water!

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I do love a good bikini. —@instyle Guest Editor Kate Hudson on her summer essentials

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2. A flowing white dress

If I see a big, white, flowing dress that looks like you should be in a field somewhere with daisies in your hair, I am a sucker for it. Flowy and girly is definitely my day‑to‑day style. If I'm thinking about being comfortable, chances are I'll end up putting on a flowy dress. For some reason, I'm just drawn to them--when all else fails, I just put on a flowy white dress!

3. Turquoise jewelry

I love any kind of turquoise jewelry, it is the best way to add a special element to a casual outfit. When I was a little girl, my mom took me mining for turquoise stones, and ever since then I became so obsessed with turquoise. I still have one of the first stones that I mined back then, and I had made into a ring that I wear all the time. I love what the stone represents.

4. A t-shirt and leggings

Because I'm a mom, I literally wear t‑shirts and leggings all the time. I throw them on to run errands or when I'm at home with my boys.

5. A hat

Accessorizing is always fun to me, and during summer when I'm outside a lot or at the beach, my face tends to get easily pigmented even if I'm wearing a ton of sunblock--so I throw on a cute hat!

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