My Power Outfit: Sofia Altuna, Account Strategist at Google

Photo: Sam Teich / Levo

Name: Sofia Altuna

Job/Company: Agency associate account strategist at Google

Brief description of what you do in your role:Manage relationship with high priority ad agencies to grow their business by providing strategic advice, product trainings, quarterly business reviews, and drive new initiatives.

What are you wearing?Sweater: H&MShirt: H&MPurse: BalenciagaShoes: Rag & BoneScarf: JocelynJacket: MonclerHat: Forever21

Why does it make you feel powerful?I used to be the girl who wore heels so high, jeans so tight, and a bag so big, that I came home feeling dead. Granted, I loved the shoes, jeans, and bag I was flaunting, but I knew there had to be a more comfortable alternative.

Now my criteria involves feeling good as well as looking good. Yes, my heels have declined a bit in height, and my jeans are a little more slacked, but I think this balance is the key to feeling powerful at work. "Look good, feel good!" Right!?

In college, I developed a (bad) habit of sleeping in late. As a result, I needed to be able to change quickly in the mornings. My solution? I keep a lot of gray, white, and black clothing options in my closet. These colors are easy to mix and match and go with just about any other shade you want to add for a special touch.

Everyone knows that Google is a pretty casual environment. So how do you dress for that when it's still a Fortune 500 company?I think that in any given week at Google I go from being the most dressed up, to the least.

We wear suits when we have to, and jeans and a T-shirt when we want to. If I’m feeling cold in the morning I go for something comfortable and cozy like a fluffy sweater. On days when it’s in the 60s or more, I wear skirts and tights.

Google is an environment that empowers creativity in every sense of the word. It gives each person the flexibility and space to feel comfortable and powerful to own their day. Just as Google has reinvented the digital space, they are reinventing the typical work day ... and after all, we couldn't go down slides in heels and dresses!

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