By Grace Gavilanes
Jan 19, 2015 @ 2:02 pm
Courtesy of Levo League

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Names: Melissa Mash, Deepa Gandhi, Jessy Dover

Jobs:MM: Co-founder and CEODG: Co-founder and COOJD: Creative director and designer

Brief description of what you do in your role:MM: Right now I handle the business development, PR, and promotions part of our business.

DG: I like to think of myself as the company problem solver: handling all things operations, supply chain, analytics, finance, and customer experience related.

JD: I'm the creative one of the bunch. I spend about 25 percent of my time on high-level creative planning, and the other 75 percent of my time researching, designing, and creating our products.

What are you wearing?MM: Front Row Show floral jacket, ASOS leather pants, Theory tank, and Gourmet metallic silver python kicks.

DG: American Eagle white jeans, Villa cable sweater from ASOS, Report Reid flats, and Club Monaco leather combo moto jacket.

JD: Joe Fresh button-down top, Madewell jeans, See specs, Superga sneakers, Verameat rings, and Other Stories bracelets.

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Why does it make you feel powerful?MM: Let's start with the kicks. Like an organized handbag, the right sneakers can literally make you feel like you can do anything. If you needed to run across town to make a meeting in 10 minutes, you could. They're also a great conversation starter—men, women, old, young—all talk to me about them! The floral jacket is just comfortable and fun. I don’t believe in dressing to a particular audience. There’s basically no separation between work and personal for us, so I strive to dress as my natural self 100 percent of the time.

DG: I believe in classic, timeless staples that you can wear for any occasion. My leather moto jacket is my most reliable piece. I bought it years ago when I still worked at Club Monaco and it has never failed as the perfect way to pull an outfit together. I also love wearing white year-round since it always looks clean and chic, as long as my clumsiness doesn’t get the best of me!

JD: It's important for me to feel free and comfortable in anything that I'm wearing. Denim and cute kicks are my favorite things right now. When styled well, and paired with the right accent pieces, they say, "I'm fashionable, smart, and approachable." I also love feeling like I can take off running at any moment. My best friends and I had matching rings made a couple of years ago for Christmas/Hanukkah. They’ve become a staple to my power outfit and a constant source of strength, support, and inspiration. I also love feeling weightless, so carrying the Tiny Tote suits my needs perfectly, and I can be hands free at anytime!

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Any advice for women who are looking for a workbag that's fashionable and functional?MM: What makes a bag truly "functional" has changed. The notion of "function" and the expectations of smart design have changed dramatically across all consumer categories in the past decade. Handbags are no exception. Women are trading in their black-hole bags for our bags because we take the thinking out of the equation—we've all got enough to worry about in our everyday lives—handbag problems shouldn't be yet another thing! Our success is a testament to our generation thinking differently about quality and design. As I like to say, I've got 99 problems, but a bag ain’t one.

DG: Be honest about what you need to carry to feel like you can take on each day. People often try to make organization synonymous with streamlining what they carry, but you shouldn't feel like you have to downsize to be organized. This is why we offer a variety of silhouettes and options ranging from The Tiny Tote to The Tote. Match the perfect handbag to your lifestyle rather than trying to change your life to work with a handbag.

JD: Understanding and analyzing what makes you feel the most confident and stress-free will help you make your choice! Write down what you must carry with you in any given situation and decide whether your needs change from day to day. Sometimes I need my laptop, but other days I'm free of all tech devices besides my phone.

Identify what you want to say with your bag, and choose your color and silhouette accordingly. Make sure you get a bag that suits your needs both logistically and aesthetically. It sounds simple, but sometimes our emotions get the best of us, and we buy things that don’t make sense with the reality of our day to day lives. Spoken from a repeat emotional purchase offender.

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