Credit: Sam Teich / Levo

Name: Meagan Morrison

Job/Company: Fashion Illustrator @TravelWriteDraw

Brief description of what you do in your role:I travel the world and illustrate my experiences through a fashion-art lens, creating custom content for various clients. Whether it’s fashion week in Moscow for MBFWRussia, or a quick jaunt to Bermuda for Condé Nast Traveler, I translate what I see into inspired illustrations to be shared with the world.

What are you wearing?Dip-dyed fox fur scarf: Sucre NYCJacket: ZaraDress: H&MShoes: Sigerson MorrisonHandbag: See by ChloeRing: Henri BendelEarrings: Rebecca Little

Why does it make you feel powerful?As a fashion illustrator I'm constantly studying outfits from head to toe—how little accents show so much character and personality. Looser layers and distressed clothing can convey a laissez-faire attitude, whereas well-tailored clothing can show a sense of confidence and self-awareness. I personally feel most confident guest lecturing in this outfit because it’s well-fitted to my body, the silhouette is balanced, and shows a bit of my playful side with the dip-dyed fox fur scarf. I also wear the Henri Bendel ring every single day. It was the first purchase I made working as an illustrator, so it holds a lot of significance for me about living in my passion and following my truth.

Any advice for dressing for a variety of clients as a freelancer?I think the expression "know your audience" is really relevant when it comes to presenting yourself to various clients. You always want to dress true to you, but also be aware of who you're speaking with, and what you're communicating through what you're wearing. I want to be perceived as professional, someone who has a strong sense of self, but also someone who's relatable and grounded. For that reason I often opt for a really nice pair of designer flats or leather boots when I meet a client for the first time. I'm an artist and very hands on. Also, always have your nails done! It shows that you care about the details and really finishes a look.