By InStyle Staff
Mar 02, 2015 @ 3:00 pm
Sam Teich / Levo

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Name:Sharifa Murdock

Title/Company:Co-owner of Liberty Fairs (

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What are you wearing?3×1 Crop Top, Blk Denim pleated leather skirt, Alexander Wang peep-toe booties

Why does it make you feel powerful?Working in the fashion industry, you never know where you could end up on a day-to-day basis. I love this outfit for two reasons: It's not only classy and chic, but it also provides that necessary "on-the-go versatility" that every business woman appreciates.

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How does fashion boost your confidence?The thrill of being able to express myself on any given day through fashion is merely one outlet for me to embody my confidence. I'd like to think that I have developed my own personal tastes using fashion as my immediate source of personal expression.

Any advice for women who want to wear menswear, but don't know how to make it work for them? It's all about a good balance. If you're interested in menswear, but are unsure of how the styles will fit your body type, play around with menswear-inspired footwear and other accessories. You can never go wrong with a men’s sweatshirt paired with skinny jeans or a skirt to give it a feminine touch. In the end, you have to feel good about yourself!

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