My Coachella: Jamie Chung on Her Palm Springs Birthday Tradition

Jamie Chung’s birthday couldn't come at a better time. The Big Hero 6 actress rang in her 32nd year Thursday night at The Colony Palms Hotel in Palm Springs with her closest friends and fiancé Bryan Greenberg in tow—mere hours before Coachella (aka the ultimate birthday entertainment). Amidst wedding planning for her impending fall nuptials, running her blog What the Chung?, and wrapping up a series of projects with her soon-to-be hubby, Chung made time to rage at Action Bronson and gallivant around the festival grounds. We caught up with her at POPSUGAR and ShopStyle's brunch with the CFDA and picked her brain about the action-packed weekend.

More Reasons to Celebrate: All of my friends came in a few days early for my birthday. It's been a yearly tradition for almost 10 years, though I feel like each birthday starts to get less important until you hit 40.

Packing Strategy: A lot of flowy dresses, and lots of comfortable shoes. It's all about comfort and sun protection. I brought a couple of hats, wet wipes, sunnies—it gets so dirty at the festival, and usually there's a dust storm, so you have to protect your face.

Beauty Go-tos: Waterproof mascara and blotting paper are essential, and an extra thing of SPF because you've got to slather it on all day.

Coachella Trend She Never Wants to See Again: Flower crowns and fringe, although I'm guilty of the latter today. I feel like festival style falls under two categories: sexy cowgirl or sexy witch.

Favorite Coachella Memory: Seeing The Beastie Boys perform was pretty epic, and Bey coming on to surprise Jay-Z was a pretty good moment too.

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