It's Bella Thorne’s fourth time at Coachella, and seeing as the Scream actress is only 17, well, you do the math. Suffice it to say, the seasoned festival vet has learned a thing or two from hitting the Indio, Calif. grounds running year after year. We caught up with her at H&M’s Coachella Party at The Parker Hotel in Palm Springs and picked her brain about what she packed in her suitcase, which bands she's excited to see, and her craziest fest experience yet (spoiler alert: it involves moshing hard during a Flosstradamus set).

Tools for Survival: Perfume, because you be smelling rank at Coachella, and lip balm, because my lips get super chapped. As far as clothing, I’m into the long flowy dresses and jean shorts—keep it simple.

Festival Trend She Never Wants to See Again: Those nipple pasties are so nasty. You want to look sexy when you go to Coachella, I get that, but wearing those are just too much.

Bands She's Pumped to See: AC/DC, Flosstradamus, The Weeknd, and Azealia Banks.

Craziest Coachella Experience: I saw Flosstradamus last year, and during his song “Mosh Pit,” all of a sudden everyone started moshing and throwing each other. One guy came out with a bone sticking out of his arm. We were trying to escape the mosh pit, and then another song came on, and we just stopped and raged.

Best Selfie Tip: I swear by the filters on the iPhone's Camera Roll. My favorite one’s "Instant." When you go really in there, you can adjust highlights, contouring, brightness, and everything.

Busy Weekend: I'm missing Sunday because I’m presenting at the MTV Movie Awards for my new show, Scream.