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Murder on the Orient Express
Credit: Nicola Dove

Next week’s release of Murder on the Orient Express has not only star watchers on high alert (for Kenneth Branagh, Daisy Ridley, Penelope Cruz, Johnny Depp, Judi Dench, and Michelle Pfeiffer, etc.), but it’s also got fashion designers taking notes. The glamour and opulence of the setting of Agatha Christie’s 1934 mystery novel is practically catnip for globe-trotting designers, after all.

So naturally, there are lots of fashion and lifestyle tie-ins afoot.

Who done it?

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Let’s start with unusual suspects like Globe-Trotter luggage, S.T. Dupont accessories and instruments, designer Bibhu Mohapatra for a clothing line for the shopping network HSN, and the chocolatier Godiva—all brands you’d obviously want to take along to solve a murder aboard a train. Each company created exclusive products inspired by the movie to coincide with its release next week. And it’s not just luxury makers who are getting on board—the Movember Foundation, a global organization committed to men’s health that encourages guys to embrace their facial hair in November, is putting out a campaign to get them to grow curly mustaches like that of detective Hercule Poirot.

Murder on the Orient Express Embed
Credit: Nicola Dove

Some of the collaborations may be more obvious than others, but in each case, there is more to the designs than meets the eye.

Here are some clues:

$1,376 - $1,968

OK, so Globe-Trotter luggage is a no-brainer for a movie set on a train. “The interior of the deco cases reveal a beautiful printed lining with a subtle motif featured in some of the scenes and inspired by the carriages of the world’s most famous train service,” says Globe-Trotter designer Charlotte Seddon. “They epitomize the luxury travelers experienced onboard.”

For S.T. Dupont, a lighter and writing instrument were designed to highlight the 145-year-old French company’s expertise in travel accessories and luxury instruments. “The pack is symbolic in representation of the Princess Dragomiroff room, where she uses one of our trunk cases from 1872,” says Stephane Martin, artistic director of S.T. Dupont. “This trunk case has been transformed into a timeless lighter and writing instrument.”

$330 (originally $400)

Bibhu Mohapatra, creating a collection for HSN, said he wanted to represent the essence of the story in a modern way, “yet it has many nuances that lean toward the era in which the story is set.”

“This is a collection for the modern global woman who treats life as an eventful journey and exploration,” he said, citing a black and white deco patterned faux mink and a faux astrakhan coat, as well as a black and burgundy dress as examples.

As for Godiva chocolates, figuring out the motive takes some deductive reasoning.

“Poirot is Belgian, famed for his discerning taste and preference for hot chocolate,” said Jim Poon, the brand manager for Godiva, which also hails from Beglium. So the company created a spiced cookie hot chocolate, and a limited edition of chocolates decorated with a mustache motif inspired by Poirot.