George Clooney Birthday
Credit: Mathew Imaging/WireImage, NBC Globe

Who knew George Clooney had so many standout hair moments? To celebrate the award-winning actor-director’s 54th birthday, we dug through the archives to find his most remarkable styles through the years—from his days rocking an impressive mullet on Facts of Life, to donning peroxide locks (which he proudly wore after losing a bet) in the late ‘90s, the Tomorrowland star is well aware of the impact his full head of hair had on his career.

"I was pretty happening because I had good TV hair," the actor has previously said—and we couldn’t agree more! Amal Clooney’s leading man sure has a long list of hairstyles to his name, but a key question remains: Which is the most notable? Click through our gallery below to see for yourself.