By Joanna Bober
Updated Dec 11, 2015 @ 7:15 pm
Muji Flagship
Credit: Courtesy of Muji

Fans of the Japanese lifestyle store, Muji, are not generally half-hearted about their brand loyalty. They will only furnish their home offices, for example, with clear Muji binders and magazine files, perfect craft paper notebooks, and whimsical paperclips. Their kitchens are filled with a stack of the brand’s simple white plates and low glass tumblers. And the diehard Muji-lover’s sock drawer? Replete with their just-right, striped knee-highs and anklets, of course. So, if you relate to any of these descriptions then you may want to reach for your smelling salts: the mother of all Muji stores has just opened on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, across from the New York Public Library. The sprawling 11,650 square foot space feels minimal but still warm, and is stocked with a much deeper selection of items than ever before carried in their North American stores. A few highlights include an essential oils counter called “Aroma Labo” where customers can create their own blends to use as home fragrances (above).

Muji Flagship embed 1
Credit: Courtesy of Muji

There is also an embroidery machine which can embellish a range of products, from tote bags to tee shirts, with your choice of designs (above) for just $3 per embroidery.

Muji Flagship embed 2
Credit: Courtesy of Muji

Another counter features industrial rubber stamps and colorful ink pads (above) where you can go into arts and crafts mode and cover Muji notepads with scores of funny icons and logos (like an eye, or a nose, or the Empire State Building).

Prepare for some serious retail therapy when you visit—and please don’t say we didn’t warn you.