MTV's Scream Finally Premieres Tonight—Here's Why We're Pumped

Bella Thorne in Scream - Video Lead
Photo: Courtesy YouTube

Last week, MTV released a spellbinding 8-minute sneak peek of the first episode of Scream, the network’s adaptation of the iconic movie series that scared the socks out of the world back in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. The clip thankfully proved that the show’s producers have nailed the horror plot’s usual suspects (think ranch-style mirrored homes, plenty of gushing blood, and a stereotypical crew of high school teens), which explains why we’ve been eagerly counting down the minutes until the show’s premiere tonight. Spoiler alert! Although her life may come to an end in the first few minutes, Bella Thorne is by far one of the highlights from the new series. In it, the actress seamlessly channels her best version of Drew Barrymore’s ardent plea for help until she meets her unfortunate maker.

Sure, the clip reveals that the storyline stays close to that of the original films, but quite a few things have changed since the first flick’s 1996 release. For one, it’s not a huge, antenna-wielding telephone that Thorne uses to try and call 911. Instead, the beauty relies on an iPhone, which, thanks to Siri, does a better job of calling Pottery Barn than the police. We’re sure technology will also play a large role in helping the diverse cast determine who exactly is tearing through the small town of Lakewood. Speaking of the cast, MTV has brought together an impressive lineup of young, talented actors that are sure to move onto larger than life roles once fans become addicted to the show. Amadeus Serafini, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Carlson Young, Connor Weil, Willa Fitzgerald, and John Karna each have lead roles, but who will be the breakout star?

You’ll definitely notice recurring cameos from Mad Men alumn Bryan Batt, who plays the town’s popular mayor and the father of protagonist Brooke (Carlson Young). But what we’re most curious to see is how exactly a film will translate into a 60-minute TV show. After all, it’s the build-up of multiple deaths and the relationships between characters that made the series so successful, so how will the show encapsulate that into each episode? Will there be multiple slashings per show? Or will we be privy to in-depth character studies Tuesday after Tuesday? We have no choice but to stay tuned. Watch the official sneak peek below and set your alarm—Scream premieres tonight on MTV at 10 p.m. E.T.

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