Mother's Day Quotes: The Jewelry Celebrities Are Passing From Generation to Generation

Mother's Day jewelry
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Who has a more meaningful jewelry box than Mom? In honor of Mother's Day, we asked celebrities to tell us the jewelry that gets passed down from generation to generation in their families. Scroll down to see what Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, and more had to share.

GWYNETH PALTROW"There are a few that I think about. There is a bracelet that I just got for my 40th birthday that I’m sure I’ll give to my daughter. It’s very sentimental and beautiful."

KATE HUDSON"My mom actually gave me a piece of jewelry from her collection when I was 21 that I had always admired since I was little. I would put it on, but I never said anything about it. But she passed it on to me. And that was really meaningful."

SARAH JESSICA PARKER"They get it all. What am I going to do, bury it with me?"

GEORGIA MAY JAGGER"[My mom has] given me quite a lot of it already. She’s very nice she’ll let me borrow things. We kind of do a swap, and vise versa."

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