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Buy a T-shirt, stop bullying. Or, at least that's what celebrity-beloved denim brand Mother and Kind Campaign, a non-profit organization that raises awareness on the negative effects of girl-against-girl bullying, are hoping to achieve. The two have teamed up to launch a perfectly worn-in collegiate tee stamped with the words "Play Nice" across the front. With every shirt sold, 20 percent of sales will benefit the Kind Campaign.

"We were moved by the many stories of kids and adults alike dealing with the painful circumstances of being bullied, shamed or made to feel that being different isn’t good,” says Lela Becker, Mother co-founder. "Impressed with Kind Campaign’s work, we reached out to them for a collaboration whereby we could aid in generating awareness through the fashion community who are often admired and seen as role models. We want to encourage our community to utilize their voice and social media platforms to help bring about understanding and change."

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Mother and the Kind Campaign are encouraging everyone to purchase the "anti-bullying, pro-kindness" tee (available in navy and white for $95 at and share anti-bullying messages on social media with the hashtag #playnice.

"It is our hope that women and girls will wear this tee and not only feel empowered, but that the positive message displayed will impact the people they encounter while wearing it," says Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, Kind Campaign co-founders. "With the proceeds from this collaboration, we are able to further support our Free To Be Kind initiative, which provides our Kind Campaign School Program free of charge to schools across the world."

Sorry, Taylor—no "Bad Blood" here.