The Most Talked About Moment From the #Oscars According to Facebook? Jared Leto!

Jared Leto, Facebook
Photo: Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

No question about it: Jared Leto stole the show at last night’s Oscars, and we weren’t the only one’s who thought so! According to Facebook, the first-time Oscar winner was the most buzzed about nominee from last night’s show. From his dapper white tux to his enviable ombre locks, the Dallas Buyers Club star gave us plenty to swoon over, but it was his touching and eloquent acceptance speech that really stole our hearts. One of our favorite moments came when he spoke about his mom: "She encouraged her kids to be creative and work hard and do something special. I just want to say 'I love you mom, thank you for teaching me to dream.'"

But Leto wasn’t the only one who had social media abuzz. Fellow Dallas Buyers Club nominee and winner Matthew McConaughey had people gabbing, as did Leonardo DiCaprio, who left the Academy Awards empty handed once again. As for the ladies, Best Supporting Actress winner Lupita Nyong’o caused a stir for her heartfelt acceptance speech and her standout "Nairobi" blue gown. And it wouldn't be an awards show without a Jennifer Lawrence moment -- her red carpet fall earned her plenty of chatter on the social media sphere. So, what else did we love from last night's show? Check out our favorite Oscars moments, plus see all of the fashion from the red carpet in our arrivals gallery.

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